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Q. What are Clip in Hair Extensions?

A. Clip-in Hair Extensions are innovative and one of the safest methods to cover the damaged and short hair. You can attach them to your own hair easily and make your hair look longer. Clip-ins can be clipped in and out in minutes giving you an easy and affordable method to add volume to your own hair.

Q. How can I attach Clip-ins to my own hair?

A. Clip-ins are attached under your own hair by small snap clips. Once fitted, they can’t be seen easily from outside. You can attach them either by yourself or visit our salon for our well-trained experts’ help and guidance.

Q: How long do the extensions take to put in?

A. It’s easy to learn how to fix the clip-ins to your own hair. Once learnt, It doesn’t take more than five minutes to put in and even less to take out.

Q. How long do the extensions last

A. Our Hair and Eye-Lashes Extensions are made of finest quality human hair and if you look after the hair as instructed, Vivir Extensions last up to one year.

Q. What type of Hair is used in Vivir Extensions?

A. Vivir Extensions are made of 100% Remy Human Hair imported from India. We DO NOT use any synthetic or other artificial material in production, so you can treat them just like your own natural hair e.g. you can straight them with iron, curl with heat or dye.

Q. What is Remy hair?

A. The term Remy means 'Cuticle correct'. This means only the finest virgin (Untreated & not previously coloured) hair is used.

Q. How do I know which colour to choose?

A. We have a large variety of colours to pick from. You can check our “SHOP” section and choose the one that suits your hair the best.

Q. Can I colour the hair?

A. Yes. You can colour the Vivir Extensions hair extensions just like you colour your own natural hair.

Q. Can I wash & blow-dry the hair extensions?

A. Yes. You can wash, conditioner or blow-dry Vivir Extensions hair extensions.If you have other questions related to our products or services, please feel free to contact us on our helpline number or leave a message in the “CONTACT US” section of the website.

About Lorena

Lorena Sarria, the owner of Vivir Extensions, created the company after she realized how confident women feel when they wear natural-looking extensions to enhance their beauty.
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